Welcome to Parlaba's mobile apps homepage.

At this moment, Parlaba only produces apps for Iphone and Ipod Touch.
Maybe the apps will be ported to Android devices in a near future!

Different kind of apps will be available, such as utilities, educational apps and games.

Latest releases

January 2011:




Iphone Apps

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Do you collect stuff? Any kind of stuff? Bottle caps, stamps, coins, perfume, anything!
With TheCollection, you can carry your collection(s) on your Iphone or Ipod Touch!

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Sometimes when you are bored you want to concentrate on something...
Enigmas contains famous enigmas as well as unusual enigmas.
You will find text, graphic and maths enigmas that will make you think for hours!

IWrite Chinese
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Do you need to learn to write chinese characters?
This app can help you!
Start by the introduction then practice one by one the characters.
Once you are ready, test yourself or play the unique version of Hangman!

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Bingo, Dice and Coin generator!
Randomator generates picks for Bingo, throws up to 5 dices and can even toss a coin!
Everything is random of course...
The bingo generator keeps track of previous picks.
The dice generator can throw from 1 to 5 dices.
The coin generator just flips a coin for you!

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A cool way to keep track of your clothes
Featuring the Parlaba Platform for easy sharing and rating!
List all your clothes, build your outfits and share them!
Services supported are: Facebook, email and the unique Parlaba Platform.
With the Parlaba platform, share your outfits and other users can rate them!

coming soon!
You probably read stories where you are the hero.
You get choices and depending on the choice you make you jump to another page...
In Tactical Quest Ep. 1, you still make the choices but then everything is animated!



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